Drawing funk over! I’m sorry for the long absence, I’d like to say welcome to my new followers and thank you for being patient.

I can’t say for certain when I’ll get around to story updates but you can be assured that at least the blog is active again.

I lost a lot of gum this way.

What kind of deck do you have?

I have a blue/orange deck with the mane card “Rainbow Dash Flier Extraordinaire.”  I always go for a simple strategy in CCGs so in MLP I just play fast and strong, trying to beat opponents to the problems’ bonus points.  I also do my best to devastate with good troublemakers (since RD’s boost is dependent on troublemakers), and Canterlot Nights gave us a few.  Pony of Shadows frightens one friend, and Prince Blueblood sends one home.

Even though Lady Justice is purple, it’s my favorite because it really messes with opponents when the face-off happens. :D

My sincerest of apologies to people who don’t play the game for being totally boring.  But it’s a three-day weekend, let’s see if I can actually get some drawing done!

So do you play the MLP CCG game? What are your favorite cards? :3

Lady Justice is my favorite card I have in my deck (and I have three now!).  But out of all the cards there are, my favorite has got to be Queen Chrysalis, because Chrysalis.

Nothing motivates a guy to update like seeing an ask blog you love follow you. :D

Just so you guys know, work has really picked up this summer. It’s great because, you know, money, but takes a lot out of me. However I do read every ask I get and am always thinking about possible funny responses (being funny is hard). And to that person who gave me a story related ask, that was a pleasant surprise, so thank you!

I have been in a bit of a drawing funk lately, sorry.  A chance to reference a game I like always puts me in a good mood though.

I have been wanting a Chrysalis deck since the beginning but figured mane characters would be limited to the goodie-goodies.

Now I have the troublemaker card Changeling Swarm!  I can practically taste that Chrysalis card coming in the next pack I buy.  I’m hoping, anyway.

I will answer more questions when I find my sketch paper.  My tablet sketching skills are meh.

Sorry about the silence, I’m moving again in a couple days.

In other stupid news, I’ve been wanting the ultra rare Queen Chrysalis card and while I know I probably won’t find one, I managed to get the rare troublemaker “Princess Mi Amore Cadenza” in a pack today.  Close enough. :D

edit:  Also, I have decided to keep the avatar and header background thing, at least for now.  Lots of people had positive comments about it, so thanks for the input!

Why do I love Chrissy duck-face so much?